Thanks to a long experience in the field of Visual Communication, at Neon Consulting we have perfected a work method combining efficiency and speed with precision and accuracy marking each creation. This method allows us to offer you top quality standards in short time, personalised products studied in a targeted way to meet your special needs at very competitive costs.


It is surely the most important part of the process. The client’s initial idea is embellished with Neon Consulting suggestions. We analyse your request in depth and offer you the best solution, by taking costs, function, budget and product aim into consideration.


Once the idea has been agreed with our customer, our team of engineers and designers put all its creative talent at stake to develop a design that, rendered in 3D graphic proofs, will be sent to our customer.


In the prototype execution we use the same materials and avant-garde technologies that will be used then to produce the definitive series. The sample that you will have in your hands will be, in every detail, a faithful replica of the one that soon will be the end product.